• Celebrate National Simplify Your Life Week the First Week in August

    National Simplify Your Life Week is the 1st week in August

    National Simplify Your Life Week
    Background image By Robert Benner @ Flickr; licensed under CC BY 2.0


    Too much to do and too much stuff, with not enough time or space for all of it.

    We’ve all been there … And most of us probably are there right now. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Really!

    And this week, National Simplify Your Life Week, is the perfect time to start making the changes that’ll …well … simplify your life!

    This week happens the first week of August every year. We don’t know who came up with it, but that’s no reason not to celebrate!

    And there’s certainly no shortage of advice on how to simplify your life, this week and all year long.


    Scroll down for some ideas on celebrating this unofficial (but far from simple!) holiday.


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    Celebrating National Simplify Your Life Week

    Start simplifying your life, of course.

    But don’t stop there. Make sure you have a plan to continue simplifying even when the week’s over. Because face it, one week is not going to be enough!

    And have a plan to keep your life simplified. As you move through simplifying different parts of your life, you don’t want to start backsliding on the parts you’ve already simplified.

    So, here are a few ideas to get started, some links to more ideas and a few books you might find helpful.

    To get started:

    • Think about what is truly important to you. Identifying these is crucial to your simplifying journey.
    • Learn the word “no.” Then use it. Before you can truly simplify, you have to stop bringing in new things. Not just physical things, but also things to do and think about. Only allow in new things that are truly important to you.
    • Get rid of the unimportant. Anything unrelated to what you’ve identified as most important to you must go. So:
      • Cancel magazines you don’t read.
      • Unsubscribe from emails you never get around to reading.
      • Stop watching TV shows that don’t really excite you.
      • Clear out the stuff you’re storing for … What are you storing it for?
      • And stop scrolling mindlessly through social media! It keeps you from having time for those important things. (Yes, your friends are hopefully one of those important things, but you don’t need to keep up with them 20 times a day).

    More tips you might find useful:

    And check out the Get Organized Now website. Keep in mind that organized and simplified are not necessarily the same thing. Organized clutter is still clutter! But organizing your newly simplified life can make you feel even freer.

    Finally, some books you might like (but don’t let them add to the clutter!):

    Where will you start your simplifying journey?


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