• Celebrate International Tiara Day Every May 24

    International Tiara Day is May 24

    International Tiara Day
    Background image By Purple Sherbet Photography @ Flickr; licensed under CC BY 2.0

    Today you’re a princess. Or a queen. Or whatever you want to be. It’s International Tiara Day, so slip on that tiara and feel like you rule the world.

    (Just don’t let it go to your head. Nobody likes a tyrrant! 😉 )

    Once upon a time, only married women who were royalty wore tiaras. Today everyone from brides to prom queens can wear them.

    And on International Tiara Day everyone who wants to should wear a tiara proudly, all day and everywhere.

    Yes, including to work or even the gym!

    The day was originally just a one-off event, created by Barbara Bellissimo, of Seasons of Success, and held on May 24, 2005.

    But, according to the day’s official website, Lynanne White of American Rose Bridal believes every woman should be able to wear a tiara. So she got Barbara’s permission and re-launched the day as an annual event.

    As it turns out, the May 24 date is perfect, because it’s also Queen Victoria’s birthday.

    Scroll down for some ideas on celebrating this royally unofficial holiday.


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    How to Celebrate International Tiara Day

    How else? Wear a tiara!

    Don’t have a tiara? Why on earth not?!

    (ok, kidding)

    You can always buy a tiara. You can get quite nice costume tiaras for under $20.

    If you’re crafty, try making your own tiara:

    Are you a visual learner? Check out this video by Threadbanger Projects showing you how to make a tiara.


    Now wear your tiara proudly!

    Or, if you’re not really the tiara type, wear a metaphorical tiara and act like the strong woman you are (because sometimes we forget, really we do!).


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