• Celebrate Wishbones for Pets Month Every October & November


    Wishbones for Pets Month runs October 15 thru November 30

    Wishbones for Pets Month – October 15 thru November 30
    Cute dog picture by Wow_Pho @ Pixabay; Public Domain


    Wishbones for Pets Month (actually 6 weeks!) is an international pet sitter charity drive.

    From October 15 through November 30 professional pet sitters raise money and collect supplies for their favorite local pet-related charity.

    The drive was created by Janet Depathy in 2004. That first year was just her, but the enthusiasm from local businesses, her pet-sitting clients, and local media convinced her to expand the program.

    Today professional pet sitters across the US and Canada take part in the campaign each year.


    Why October and November?

    Because it’s the holidays!

    A time for giving. Not only to those close to us, but also to those less fortunate.

    Pets waiting in shelters—waiting to find their own furever families—can certainly be considered among the less fortunate.

    So the idea is to remember them in the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving. And to help brighten their days as they wait.
    Scroll down for some ideas on celebrating this big-hearted and worthy month.
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    Celebrating Wishbones for Pets Month

    Get more information about the campaign and ideas for helping:


    Pet Sitters

    Find a Pet Sitter Representative in your area to work with.

    Or become a representative yourself. As a representative, your business will be listed in the Wishbones for Pets directory.

    Exactly how you organize your campaign is up to you:

    • Set up donation boxes for people to drop off toys, blankets, food, etc. Put them in your own business (if you have a physical location) and/or ask other pet-related businesses to let you put boxes in their locations.
    • Have an auction or raffle. Ask for donations of animal-related items to auction.
    • Ask your chosen shelter/pet charity what they need most and if they have ideas for fundraisers. They may have an awesome idea they just haven’t had time to set up. You can then do it for them!


    Or whatever other ideas you may have.

    Remember to publicize which rescue/shelter will receive the donations/proceeds from your campaign.

    If you can get sponsorship to help with the expenses, consider offering some of these adorable promotional items for various donation levels.

    Other businesses

    Consider offering your business location as a drop-off location for supplies.



    Or volunteer to help a local pet-service provider with the campaign.

    If there aren’t any sitters or other pet-related businesses participating, tell them about it and encourage them to get involved.

    Even if there’s no official campaign in your area, consider donating directly to a local shelter. They can always use money, supplies, and volunteers. Just ask what they need most.

    Will you be celebrating Wishbones for Pets Month this year?

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