• Celebrate YOTA Month in December


    December is Youngsters On the Air Month / YOTA Month

    December is Youngsters On The Air / YOTA Month
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    Every December the amateur radio community celebrates Youngsters On The Air Month, or YOTA Month.

    The goal of this month is to introduce young people to amateur radio. And hopefully get them passionate about the hobby.

    During this month stations go on the air with YOTA as part of their call signs. And, of course, they have young people at the helm. They have fun (hopefully!) making QSOs with other YOTA stations around the world.

    (for the uninitiated, QSO is contact/communication)

    Although it’s not a contest, there are awards.

    But the real reward is getting to talk with other YOTA participants. Also bragging rights about how many different QSOs you made.

    For the youngsters, the biggest reward may be discovering (or getting more involved with) a new, fulfilling, and lifelong hobby.

    For the “seasoned” amateurs, what better reward is there than seeing the next generations getting passionate about your favorite hobby?

    So get moving and help get more Youngsters On The Air!


    Scroll down for some ideas on celebrating this unofficial amateur holiday.


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    How to Celebrate YOTA Month

    If you’re passionate about ham radio, help get the younger generations on the air this month.

    Official participants in YOTA Month must be registered before December starts. Find out if your National IARU member society or another club has registered a call sign. (For the most part, the event only allows 2 call signs per country). If so, see what its rules are for using the call sign. Then get on the air!

    The Youngsters On The Air events page lists registered participants and offers more information about participating. You can also click on each call sign to learn a bit about the group and see its QSOs.

    Follow the Youngsters On The Air Facebook page to keep up with all the YOTA activities. You’ll see young people are on the air for more than just December! But this final month of the year is special.

    And join the YOTA Facebook group.

    Will you be a part of YOTA Month this year?


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