• Celebrate Banana Pudding Lovers Month Every November


    November is Banana Pudding Lovers Month

    November is Banana Pudding Lovers Month
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    Calling all banana pudding lovers! November is your month.

    Yep, November is officially Banana Pudding Lovers Month.

    And yes, it really is an official month. Banana Pudding Lovers Month appears in Chase’s calendar of events, the official word on holidays and events.

    The Rodgers family—of Rodgers’ Banana Pudding Filling—created the month in 2011. The month is for re-creating memories of a happy childhood and/or creating new memories for your own children centered around family time (and of course, enjoying banana pudding!).


    What is Rodgers’ Banana Pudding Filling?


    Rodgers’ is a local, small-batch pudding company in Virginia. It uses only natural, Non-GMO and Kosher ingredients in its puddings.

    Reggie Rodgers started the company after his daughter Gin-Gin suggested the family use his mother Polly’s recipe to go into the banana pudding business. He was skeptical but went ahead anyway. And it turns out his mom’s banana pudding recipe really could support a business!

    The company has since added additional pudding flavors:

    • Coconut
    • Blueberry
    • Guava
    • Chocolate
    • Mango


    In keeping with the company’s commitment to natural and wholesome ingredients, these flavors are also non-GMO, Kosher, and Halal certified.

    Unfortunately, as far as we can tell, you can only buy these puddings in a few stores in Virginia and one each in New Jersey & Pennsylvania.

    When we originally wrote this, in November 2016, there was an online purchase option. But that link no longer works and we can’t find a buying option on the website. 😟


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    Is it Pudding or Pudding Filling?


    Are you confused by calling the yellow, creamy, custardy stuff pudding filling instead of just pudding?

    If so, you (like I!) may have grown up eating Jell-O pudding cups, or your mom made instant pudding for dessert. And there’s certainly nothing wrong with calling those pudding. Because they are.

    But for many other people, that’s just the pudding filling. The pudding is a different creation. It can be simple, with a mix of banana slices, vanilla wafers and pudding filling.

    Or it can be much more complex. Basically a trifle, with layers of bananas, vanilla wafers, and pudding filling, plus a topping of whipped cream or meringue. For true banana pudding aficionados, the filling must be made from scratch. The whipped cream or meringue too.

    That is what the South calls banana pudding. “Plain” banana pudding is just the filling for Southern banana pudding!

    Scroll down for some ideas on celebrating this official and delicious holiday.


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    How to Celebrate Banana Pudding Lovers Month


    You must, of course, eat banana pudding!

    Eat the pudding/filling plain or try one of these recipes:


    Or get yourself this Banana Pudding Recipe Tray. It’s the perfect size for making your banana pudding (15” x 9” x 2”). And it has a Banana Puddin’ recipe printed right on it!

    Rodgers’ also has a recipe section. Recipes include Parfait, Pancakes and Bread Pudding. Of course, they hope you’ll use their pudding filling in these, but we’re sure you can use whatever banana pudding you have on hand.

    So, how will you be celebrating Banana Pudding Lovers Month this year?


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