• Celebrate National Sugar Cookie Day Every July 9

    Sugar Cookie Day is July 9

    Sugar Cookie Day
    Background image By Selena N. B. H. (originally posted to Flickr as Rainbow fish cookie) [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

    Today’s another sweet food holiday, Sugar Cookie Day. Or National Sugar Cookie Day, International Sugar Cookie Day or even Sugar Cookies day, depending on the source.

    Whatever you call it, it’s a delightful day to indulge, guilt-free, in a sugar cookie or two (or more).

    Now please don’t get picky and say any cookie that contains sugar is a sugar cookie. It’s just not. A true sugar cookie is pretty simple but utterly delicious.

    It can have different sugars, be cut in shapes or topped with decorations. But it has very few if any flavorings beyond sugar and vanilla.

    A touch of spice or lemon zest can work, but not too much!

    I don’t know who created Sugar Cookie Day or when. But who cares? We don’t need to know all the details to be able to celebrate the day.

    I do suspect the day’s creator loved sugar cookies. 🙂

    Fun Sugar Cookie Trivia

    Did you know?

    • German settlers in Nazareth, Pennsylvania created the sugar cookie sometime in the mid-1700s.
    • Those early sugar cookies came to be called Nazareth Cookies.
    • Also in the 1700s American tinsmiths started making cookie cutters. I’m not sure if those cutters were used for sugar cookies back then, but they’re popular for sugar cookies today.
    • Early sugar cookies were often tough and dry. But that was ok, because it meant they lasted longer and were easy to travel with.
    • Sugar cookies weren’t always called sugar cookies. They’ve been called cimbellines (Italy), gimblettes (France), crybabies, gemmels and jumbals, among other things.
    • There’s a world record for the Largest Christmas Decorated Sugar Cookie: This cookie was 18.4 inches in diameter and decorated by Max Patton on February 21, 2014. The previous record holder was Alexander Chin, with a 16.25 inch cookie.
    • There’s a National Cookie Cutter Historical Museum in the Joplin Museum Complex in Joplin, Missouri.

    Scroll down for some ideas on celebrating this sweet unofficial holiday.


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    Ideas For Celebrating National Sugar Cookie Day

    The main idea for this day is to eat sugar cookies!

    How you get them is up to you.

    • Head to your favorite local bakery and buy sugar cookies … Lots and lots of sugar cookies.
    • Beg grandma to make her sugar cookies (you know they’re the best).

    If you have the time and motivation, bake your own sugar cookies.

    You can buy a sugar cookie mix, if you must.

    But they’re really simple to make from scratch too. The basic recipe uses just six ingredients: Flour, sugar, baking powder, butter, eggs and vanilla.

    Of course, there are lots of variations. Try one of these:

    Get creative with frosting, sprinkles and colored sugar crystals to top them off (because you can never have enough sugar on top of your sugar cookies!). Some of the above recipes include decorating options.

    Or dye your sugar cookie dough with food coloring. Make it all one color or divide it up and make cookies in a variety of colors.

    Make fun shapes with your sugar cookie dough too. You can find cookie cutters for just about any holiday, along with ones for cartoon and tv characters, and various shapes.

    Can’t eat all those sugar cookies by yourself? Bring them to work. You know your co-workers will appreciate them!

    You can also use some to make ice cream sandwiches (layer ice cream between two cookies … Yum!). Or regular sandwich cookies using marshmallow cream, jam or another filling instead of the ice cream.

    Or have a sugar cookie party. You supply the cookies and a variety of topping choices. Then let your guests decorate their own. This would be a fun idea for the kids (although adults love decorating cookies too!).

    What will you be doing this National Sugar Cookie Day?


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