• Celebrate Meat Week Starting the Last Sunday in January

    Meat Week begins the last Sunday in January

    Meat Week starts the last Sunday in January
    Background photo by ErwinVisser @ Pixabay; Public Domain


    Meat lovers rejoice, for Meat Week is here!

    If it’s the last Sunday in January, then it’s the first day of Meat Week. According to the week’s official website, this celebration involves 8 nights of feasting on meat.

    But not just any feasting. Coordinated feasting!

    That’s right, a Captain in each participating city makes a schedule of restaurants to visit for this week. Although the Captains have the freedom to choose, they usually focus on American BBQ. Basically any meat “you can smoke and smother in sauce.”


    Chris Cantey and Erni Walker started this delicious week in 2005 in Tallahassee, Florida. It soon spread to other cities, but Tallahassee is one of the few that has hosted the celebration every year.


    How Meat Week Works

    Each year people who want to be Captains in their cities can sign up on the website. If you’re approved, you’ll get a welcome packet explaining how to be a Captain.

    Each Captain may also have a first mate.

    Participating cities change each year, based on whether or not there’s a willing and able Captain that year.

    Captains create a schedule of restaurants to visit each night of the week. They also take pictures of each night’s gathering to post on the website.

    In cities that already have a Captain, anyone who wants to show up for one or more nights is welcome.

    Usually you can just show up. But make sure you double-check the details for the night you want to go. Sometimes there’s limited seating and an RSVP is required.

    And even if you’re vegetarian, you’re welcome. It’s just as much about the company as the food!

    And many BBQ restaurants do have at least one or two vegetarian-friendly choices. If nothing else, enjoy some BBQ sauce-smothered fries and good company.

    The week before Meat Week is Hype Week, to let everyone know what’s coming!

    Scroll down for some ideas on celebrating this smoky, meaty, unofficial holiday.


    How to Celebrate Meat Week

    To celebrate officially, you’ll need to be in one of this year’s participating cities. Click on your city and check out the schedule.


    • Decide which night you want to go
    • Check the details
    • RSVP if necessary
    • Show up and enjoy!


    If your city isn’t participating this year, there’s nothing stopping you from celebrating unofficially (just don’t claim publicly that you’re part of Meat Week)! Either visit your favorite BBQ place or make your favorite BBQ.

    Or try a new BBQ recipe. Find some inspiration here:


    Don’t forget the sides:


    And consider signing up to be a Captain next year!

    You might also like to follow Meat Week on Facebook or Twitter. Keep in mind these pages are only really active right around Meat Week each year! Some participating cities may also have set up their own Facebook pages or other social media feeds.

    So … will you be part of Meat Week this year? Will you be a Captain next year? What’s your favorite kind of BBQ?



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