• What to Celebrate January 22 thru 28, 2018


    Things to celebrate in January

    January Celebrations
    Celebration ideas for Jan. 22 – 28

    January is winding down, but there’s no shortage of things you can celebrate.

    As you hunt for happiness, try learning to ice skate, rewarding yourself with a slice of pie, and sitting down with your cat to answer all his questions.

    Or save a human life by donating blood. Then head to the shelter and change a pet’s life. While you’re at it, gather up your old electronics and donate them to help protect the chimps in the Congo Basin.

    If these aren’t your cup of tea, take a look to see what else you might prefer.

    (And speaking of tea … it’s still National Hot Tea Month!)


    Celebrate for the Rest of January

    You still have more than a week left this month to be a part of some of its month-long celebrations and observations.

    Have fun with some brain teasers or a turn around the ice. Or get serious and donate blood to help save lives.

    National Skating Month: January is for celebrating ice skating! Rinks and clubs promote skating this month with things like free lessons and skating demonstrations. See what’s being offered near you. And you actually have plenty of time this year, because the month is actually two months this year, to keep you excited right through the Olympics. Especially the skating competitions, of course!

    National Blood Donor Month: Just a little of your blood can help save a life. And since donations tend to drop this time of year, it’s the perfect time to step up and help ensure blood is there when someone needs it.

    International Brain Teaser Month: Exercise your brain ‘till it hurts this month! Or at least enjoy some riddles and puzzles that make you think.


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    Weekly Celebrations For the 4th Week in January

    This week we hunt for happiness, a clean inbox, and meat! Sounds like a well-rounded week to us. 🙂

    Hunt for Happiness Week (Jan. 21 – 27): Presented by the Secret society of Happy People, this week offers you “a little happiness boost after the end-of-year holiday hoopla winds down.”

    Clean Out Your Inbox Week (Jan. 22 – 26): Do like the name says. Clean out your inbox. Your email inbox for sure. But if you still have one of the physical inboxes on your desk, do that one too! Need some help? Check out these simple tips on controlling your inbox, posted in “honor” of last year’s “celebration.”

    Meat Week (Jan. 28 – Feb. 4): 8 nights of eating meat! It starts on Sunday, January 28. Official celebrations are only in 3 cities this year. But nothing’s stopping you from celebrating unofficially! (But not publicly … “Meat Week” is trademarked). And maybe becoming a captain for a celebration in your city next year?


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    Celebration Days Coming Up For Jan. 22 thru Jan. 28

    This week has some fun days (Answer Your Cat’s Questions!). Some serious days (Holocaust Memorial Day). Some delicious days (National Pie Day!). And lots more in between.

    Better start planning!

    January 22:

    National Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day: A day to have a serious chat with your cat. Answer all his or her questions as best you can!

    January 23:

    National Pie Day: Today’s your guilt-free day to eat pie. Any pie you like. All day! Well, maybe not all day. But at least enjoy one good slice.

    National Handwriting Day: Step away from the keyboard, grab a pen (or pencil!), and actually write something today. Did you know writing something by hand may cement it in our minds better than typing it? So students should be taking notes by hand!

    Snow Plow Mailbox Hockey Day: Yes, this is pretty much how it sounds. A day for snow plow drivers to see how many rural mailboxes they can know over. We don’t recommend actually doing this. It’s just a fun little idea from the imaginative mind of Tom Roy at Wellcat.com.

    January 24:

    Change a Pet’s Life Day: Thinking about getting a dog or cat? Or even rabbit, bird, or gerbil? Adopt from a shelter and you’ll change that pet’s life. And that’s what this day is all about!

    Mobile Phone Recycling Day: Recycling your mobile phones and other electronics can actually help protect chimpanzees in the Congo Basin and elsewhere. How, you ask? Check out the website to find out!

    National Peanut Butter Day: Yum! Need we say more? (Not to be confused with Peanut Butter Lovers’ Day in March).

    January 25:

    National Irish Coffee Day: Did you know that in Ireland a drink must meet strict standards to be called Irish Coffee?

    Opposite Day: As a kid, did you ever announce it was Opposite Day to make it look like your friend meant the opposite of what he/she just said? Well, apparently adults can get in on the fun & games, too. And today’s the day to do it. … But if everything you say today means the opposite … does that mean by saying today is Opposite Day that it’s not really?!?? So confusing!

    Robert Burns Night: Tonight we celebrate the birthday of Scottish poet Robert Burns. Apparently you must drink whiskey and eat haggis tonight. If you don’t already know what haggis is, it might be best not to ask!

    January 26:

    Fun at Work Day: Do you have fun at work? Whether or not your typical workday includes fun, today’s the day to make a point to add some fun to the job.

    Toad Hollow Day of Encouragement: A day to be kind and encourage and support others. We need more days like this.

    National Peanut Brittle Day: Another delicious day involving peanuts. But instead of a spreadable concoction, this one is a hard candy creation.

    January 27:

    Chocolate Cake Day: This day is for the chocolate cake lovers (obviously)! Make room for at least one slice of decadent chocolate cake in your life today.

    National Seed Swap Day: Have you been taking part in Mail Order Gardening Month? No matter your answer, today’s the day to step away from the order forms and get out to meet other gardeners, learn, and find some new seeds. Enjoy!

    Holocaust Memorial Day: A day to remember the victims of the Holocaust. This year’s theme is the power of words. “Words can make a difference — both for good and evil.”

    January 28:

    National Kazoo Day: Today we celebrate one of the only instruments invented in America. Love ‘em or hate ‘em, you gotta admit they’ve got a unique sound!

    Thank a Plugin Developer Day: Originally created in honor of the 4000th WordPress plugin back in 2009. Of course, these days plugins help expand functionality for so many different programs, we’re pretty sure this day has outgrown its original intent. So go out & thank the developer of your favorite plugin … no matter what it plugs into!

    Data Privacy Day: We give up a lot of our personal data to gain “free” access to websites, apps, etc. And paid access to a whole lotta services. But it’s still worth remembering that it is our data. And we should have a say in how (and how much) that data is used.




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