• Celebrate Silent Record Week January 1-7

    Silent Record Week is January 1-7

    Image courtesy of: Nemo @ Pixabay

    Yes, that’s right: silent records. As in discs that play no sound. Ahhh … Sounds of silence indeed. A welcome break from today’s busy, busy world.

    And a little weird.

    How … Why … Who came up with the idea of silent records? And a whole week dedicated to them?

    Well, apparently it started at the University of Detroit in 1959. Someone put silent records into some of the jukeboxes around the university, allowing people to “buy” silence.

    And it was a hit!

    Students at the university even formed the Hush Record Label to produce silent records.
    The next year, Silent Record Week was born.

    An article in the January 11, 1960 issue of The Billboard reports a scheduled silent concert and recording session at the Cass Theater. It featured pantomimes and silent playing by a 60-piece orchestra, among other silent performers.

    Silly? Yes.

    But even back in the relatively slower paced world of 1959, people understood the value of taking a break from constant noise.

    In fact, recent studies suggest that constant exposure to noise can increase blood pressure while silent meditation can improve attention. Yes, we humans do need some quiet in our lives.


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    So celebrate this week by taking a few moments to find silence and just enjoy it each day.

    For ideas on how to invite silence into your life, check out this post.

    Who know, you might enjoy it so much, you’ll continue the practice every day this year!



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