• What to Celebrate January 1 thru January 7, 2018


    Things to celebrate in January

    January Celebrations
    Celebration ideas for January 1 – 7


    It’s the first week of 2018!

    Obviously that’s something to celebrate already. But what else is there? Plenty!

    Check out these daily, weekly, and monthly celebrations and observations. Which ones will you celebrate?


    Celebrate All January Long

    Some ideas are just too big for only one day of recognition. So they last all month long! Here are a few you can be a part of day after day after day …

    National Train Your Dog Month: All dogs can benefit from training! And so can their humans. That way, everybody is on the same page, and life with your pup can be less stressful.

    Unchain a Dog Month: A perfect complement to Train Your Dog Month. If your dog is trained, it will understand how to be a good family member. And you won’t feel you need to keep it chained outside. And if you know someone else with an “outdoor dog,” offer to help.

    California Dried Plum Digestive Month: Also called prunes, California dried plums have their very own month, as proclaimed by Arnold Schwarzenegger in 2007 (California’s governor at the time).

    National Soup Month: Who doesn’t love soup? Brothy or creamy or even almost stew-like. Soup is a delicious, comforting one-pot meal. And there’s an almost endless variety of ways to make it. Check out these tips for nutritious soups.

    National Black Diamond Month: Love diamonds? Celebrate black diamonds in January. This month was created in 2015 by Carole Shoshana to celebrate her Black Diamond Collection. The 1st National Black Diamond Month was January 2016.


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    Weekly Celebrations for the year’s 1st week

    For this first week in January we celebrate silence, diets, and laughter. Seems like a wonderful start to the year!

    Silent Record Week (Jan. 1 – 7): Take a break from noise this week and enjoy some silence. Actual silent records not necessarily required.

    Diet Resolution Week (Jan. 1 – 7): If one of your New Year’s resolutions is to improve your diet and/or lose weight, this first week is key! Check out these tips for sticking with your healthy diet for the whole week and beyond.

    Someday We’ll Laugh About This Week (Jan. 2 – 8): Whatever it is, you’ll laugh about it eventually! Think back & remember those things you can finally laugh about now.


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    Celebration days coming up for Jan 1 thru 7

    Each day this week brings a variety of celebration choices, from health and food to cats & whimsy.


    January 1:

    St. Basil Day: The first day of the new year, January 1 brings us St. Basil Day. Set up a big feast in his honor to enjoy good luck throughout the year.

    Commitment Day: Life Time® Athletic wants you to commit to a healthy lifestyle. And to help you do that, it holds a Commitment Day 5K every January 1. See if there’s one near you and join in!

    Z Day: Also on January 1, celebrate people and places whose names start with Z! Do you know anyone or anyplace like that?

    First Foot Day: Apparently the first person to enter your home on January 1 may bring luck for the year. But only if he (traditionally must be male!) fits certain conditions.


    January 2:

    Happy Mew Year for Cats: Cats deserve their very own Mew Year day! And January 2nd is that day.

    National Buffet Day: If you feel like you’ve been the one providing buffets all through the holidays, let someone else do it instead! Head out to a buffet-style restaurant and enjoy.

    National Science Fiction Day: What better day to celebrate Science Fiction than on Isaac Asimov’s birthday? There isn’t one! So enjoy.

    National Personal Trainer Awareness Day: If your goals this year include getting fitter, this day is here to remind you where you can get help to finally achieve your goal: A personal trainer!


    January 3:

    National Chocolate Covered Cherries Day: A sweet treat doesn’t have to derail your fitness & healthy eating resolutions. Both chocolate and cherries are good for you! So enjoy one or two … just not the whole box!

    National Pet Travel Safety Day: This day, created by Colleen Paige reminds you to make sure your pets are protected in the car.

    JRR Tolkien Day: The Lord of the Rings author was born on January 3, 1892. So on this anniversary of his birth, raise a glass and toast his genius.


    January 4:

    World Braille Day: Celebrate the Braille writing code on the birthday of its inventor, Louis Braille.

    National Trivia Day: Astound friends and coworkers with your knowledge of mostly useless facts today! For example, Fredric Baur’s ashes were buried in a Pringles can (do you know why?!).

    Dimpled Chad Day: Celebrating those little bits of paper that tried valiently, but failed, to detach from your ballot. And in their failure, possibly depriving your preferred candidate of your vote. This silly but also serious (sort of) day  is another Wellcat Winter Holiday.


    January 5:

    National Bird Day: There are almost 10,000 species of bird in the world. And today is a day to celebrate them all.

    Twelfth Night: Twelfth Night isn’t just a play by Shakespeare. It’s an actual celebration. Or it was. It’s the night before Epiphany; a night for public parties.

    National Screenwriters Day: Celebrate the people who actually created the original vision for those movies & shows you love.


    January 6:

    National Fruitcake Toss Day: On the first Saturday in January, toss that fruitcake!

    Cuddle Up Day: A day to do exactly what the name says: cuddle up!

    National Technology Day: Celebrate the technological innovations through the years. From the Pocket Radio in 1967 to satellite radio in 2000 and now driverless cars, wearable technology and more.


    January 7:

    National Tempura Day: Love tempura? Today’s the day to eat it! Never had it? (Wait … what?!?) Today’s the day to try it!

    No Pants Subway Ride Day: Ride the subway pantsless!

    National Bobblehead Day: Created by the National Bobblehead Hall of Fame and Museum for no reason other than bobbleheads are awesome!

    I’m Not Going to Take it Anymore Day: This is the day you put yourself first and just stop taking it! At least for one day …

    So, which days, weeks, monthly celebrations speak most to you this week?

    We’ll be back next week with a look at January 8 through 14, 2018. See you then!


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