• What to Celebrate January 8 thru 14, 2018


    Things to celebrate in January

    January Celebrations
    Celebration ideas for January 8 – 14


    Did you make it through the shortened week of reality after the holidays? Good for you!

    But now we’re really back. A full week of “normal” life.

    Nothing left to celebrate? Nonsense!

    There’s always something to celebrate, commemorate, or spread the word about.

    So peruse these daily, weekly, and monthly celebrations and observations. Which ones will you be part of?


    Celebrate All During January

    Some celebrations just deserve more than one day. Or even one week. Here are a few that are happening all month. If you didn’t start celebrating last week, you still have time!

    National Train Your Dog Month: Have you gotten started with training for your dog? Or spreading the word about the benefits of a well-trained dog? There’s still plenty of time left in the month!

    Adopt a Rescued Bird Month: Just like dogs, cats, bunnies & other pets, birds often find themselves in shelters because they were more work than their owners realized. January is the time to help them find a new, real, forever home. Check out this guide on how to adopt rescued birds.

    Braille Literacy Month: The 4th was World Braille Day, but we also celebrate Braille for the entire month of January. Why? Because it’s important to recognize how much being able to read words on a page can help visually impaired people. Hearing the words read to you is just not the same.

    National Mail Order Gardening Month: Why celebrate gardening while the ground is still frozen and often covered with snow (at least here in much of the US)? Because gardeners need to dream too. And we want to be ready as soon as the ground is!


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    Weekly Celebrations For January’s 2nd Week

    For the 2nd week in January we say thank you, dance a little weird, and spread the word about a very important vitamin.

    International Thank You Days (Jan. 11 – 18): This week of thankfulness begins January 11 and runs through the 18th. Let the people you’re thankful for know about it!

    Folic Acid Awareness Week (Jan. 7 – 13): This B-vitamin can help prevent many brain and spine birth defects. We all need to be aware of this important vitamin, because the best way to avoid these defects is for women to have enough of this vitamin in her body before she gets pregnant.

    Cuckoo Dancing Week (Jan. 11 – 17): This week celebrate Laurel & Hardy and the duo’s famous Cuckoo Dance. Don’t know it? Here it is!



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    Celebration Days Coming Up For Jan. 8 thru Jan. 14

    Thankfulness, joy, and appreciation aren’t the same, but they do often go together. So it seems appropriate that Joy Germ Day and Law Enforcement Appreciation Day should fall during Thank You Days.

    We also celebrate eagles, rubber duckies, pets in costume and much more. Enjoy!

    January 8:

    National Joy Germ Day: Go ahead, be contagious today. Spread the Joy Germ far and wide!

    National Clean Off Your Desk Day: In this season of starting fresh, don’t forget about your desk. Clear physical clutter off your desk & digital clutter off your computer. Then feel free!

    National Bubble Bath Day: In honor of the day, Mr. Bubble is taking nominations for people who deserve a bubble bath. He’s donating to Ronald McDonald house for every nomination and entering you to win a year’s supply of bubbles!

    National Winter Skin Relief Day: A great reminder to give your skin extra care in winter, when cold and dry air can cause problems. Expecially during this extreme cold snap! The company behind CeraVe® Skincare created this day just last year.

    January 9:

    National Cassoulet Day: Celebrate with a hearty dish of beans & meat. Go out for cassoulet, or make it yourself (but plan ahead to have enough time if you’re making it!).

    National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day: Do you appreciate your local law enforcement officers? Let them know! This page offers several simple things you can do. And remember, officers are human, just like the rest of us. So they aren’t perfect, but most of them really do want to protect and serve.

    National Static Electricity Day: I have no clue why you’d want to celebrate the annoyance of static electricity! But if you do, today’s the day to do it.

    January 10:

    Save The Eagles Day: America’s Bald Eagles may be off the endangered list, but many other eagle species around the world are still in trouble.

    National Oysters Rockefeller Day: First celebrated just last year, this day commemorates the creation of Oysters Rockefeller back in 1899. The day was created by Antoine’s, the restaurant where Jules Alciatore invented this delicious dish.

    January 11:

    National Milk Day: On January 11, 1898 milk was first delivered in sterilized glass bottles. Today we commemorate this breakthrough.

    Cigarettes are Hazardous to Your Health Day: On this day back in 1964 Surgeon General Luther L. Terry, M.D. released a controversial report. It linked smoking and cancer, and tobacco companies were livid. Today most people accept cigarettes’ link to cancer, but that doesn’t necessarily mean we listen.

    January 12:

    Kiss a Ginger Day: This one seems pretty self-explanatory!

    National Hot Tea Day: January is already Hot Tea Month, but the Tea Council of the U.S.A. decided the drink also needed its own day. So here it is! Drink your favorite hot tea today.

    January 13:

    Rubber Ducky Day: Be a kid again & take a bath with a rubber ducky! Or listen to the Rubber Duckie song. Or just reminisce about your favorite rubber ducky.

    National Sticker Day: Stickers! What kid didn’t love stickers? Collecting them. Seeing them on good homework or tests. So exciting! Today actually commemorates the birth of the man who created the first commercial sticker, Ray Stanton Avery. If his last name sounds familiar, you’ve probably used Avery Dennison Corporation labels … Hmmm. Those stickers, while very useful, are a bit less fun than the ones teachers put on homework.

    January 14:

    National Dress Up Your Pet Day: Does your pet have a favorite costume? Today’s the day to show it off!

    International Kite Day: This day is part of the harvest festival in Gujarat (India), celebrating the arrival of spring. But people fly kites for weeks before and after the “official” day. Even if you’re nowhere near India, take part in spirit & fly a kite!


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