• What to Celebrate February 5 thru 11, 2018


    Things to celebrate in February

    February Celebrations
    Celebration ideas for February 5 – 11


    The first full week of February arrives with a mix of serious and fun topics.

    On the serious side, we’re reminded to be aware of burn hazards and protect children’s mental health. Also spay and neuter our pets, and help protect the Western Monarch butterfly, among other things.

    On the fun side we celebrate umbrellas, waving at the neighbors, and reading in the bathtub. Plus much more.

    Take a look and see which celebrations & observations catch your fancy.

    And enjoy!


    Celebrate All February Long

    In February we spread the word about the importance of spaying and neutering pets.

    We also have a bit of fun with haiku and shopping carts. And of course we recognize the romance of the month … No, not the day in the middle of the month. Weddings!

    National Prevent a Litter Month: Help spread the word about the importance of spaying and neutering all pets. Fewer unwanted litters means fewer homeless pets and pets in shelters!

    National Haiku Writing Month: Why should novel writers have all the fun (NaNoWriMo in November)? For the shortest month of the year, try your hand at writing the shortest form of poetry. The Haiku! One haiku each day. You can even get daily writing prompts over at the NaHaiWriMo Facebook page. Those prompts are so popular they actually do them all year, usually with a different person doing the prompts each month!

    Return Shopping Carts to the Supermarket Month: You might be surprised at the number of shopping carts that disappear from stores every year. Tony Dinolfo, a former grocery store manager in Chicago, started this month back in 1969.

    National Wedding Month: Apparently February is the month for engagements and bridal shows. More of both happen in February than any other month. How to celebrate? Well, we wouldn’t suggest getting engaged and hitting the bridal shows just because of the month, but if you’ve been thinking about it already …


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    Weekly Celebrations For February’s 1st Full Week

    This week we remind you be be aware of burn hazards, protecting children’s mental health, and the benefits of networking.

    We also honor those who make reading fun for kids.

    Burn Awareness Week (Feb. 4 – 10):This safety oriented week continues thru Saturday. So take some time this week to look around your home & workplace for burn hazards. And then fix them.

    Children’s Authors & Illustrators Week (Feb. 4 – 10): Celebrate the people who can (and do!) make reading fun. The Children’s Authors Network offers ideas for celebrating this week.

    Children’s Mental Health Week (Feb. 5 – 11): This week encourage the children in your life to embrace their uniqueness and form a positive self image.

    International Networking Week (Feb. 5 – 9): Created by BNI®, this initiative aims to recognize networking’s role in business success throughout the world.


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    Celebration Days Coming Up For Feb. 5 thru Feb. 11

    This week delicious honorees include a nutty chocolate spread, maple syrup, and bagels.

    Somewhat more serious honorees include women & girls in sports, the periodic table, and a man who made sailors safer.

    Don’t forget about Monarch butterflies, reading in the bathtub, and umbrellas. Plus many more, some serious & some silly.

    Which days will you be celebrating this week?


    February 5:

    World Nutella Day: Today lovers of this creamy, chocolate & hazelnut spread get to enjoy it without guilt. So spread it on everything. Use it in your cooking & baking. Just indulge! (But don’t riot over it, like these people in France did!)

    Western Monarch Day: Today we celebrate the population of Monarch butterflies that live west of the Rockies. But really, wherever you live, celebrate these beautiful butterflies today.

    National Shower With a Friend Day: This day uses a bit of humor to promote the benefits of showering in fresh, filtered water. It was created by New Wave Enviro, a water filtration products company, in 2014.


    February 6:

    Canadian Maple Syrup Day: Apparently someone decided Canada needed a day to celebrate the sap starting to rise in the maple trees. And that day is February 6. This is different from National Syrup Day in December.

    Safer Internet Day: This day is to encourage everyone, young and old alike, to help create a better internet. Seems like a worthwhile goal!


    February 7:

    e Day: The 1st two number of the mathematical “e” are 2 and 7, so we celebrate on 2/7! Of course, that only translates to Feb. 7 in places that write dates as Month, Date. If you write them as Date, Month then I guess you’ll be celebrating on July 7. So what the heck is “e”? Well, it’s explained here, but we still couldn’t tell you!

    Wave All Your fingers At Your Neighbors Day: Thomas & Ruth Roy strike again! This silly-sounding day actually has a positive intent. You’re supposed to wave hello and mean it! Yes, even if you’re not fond of your neighbors. In fact, especially if you’re not fond of them!

    Periodic Table Day: Celebrating the anniversary of the day the very first periodic table was published in 1863. It looked nothing like today’s table. And it contained fewer than 1/2 the current number of elements too!

    National Girls & Women in Sports Day: A day to celebrate female achievement in sports! This will be the 32nd year of this celebration.


    February 8:

    Laugh and Get Rich Day: Well now obviously you’re unlikely to get much money just from laughing. But you can certainly increase the richness of your life by finding reasons for joy and laughter in your life. It’s worth a shot!


    February 9:

    Read in the Bathtub Day: Like the name says, take a break from your hectic life and enjoy a good book in the tub. 💖

    National Bagel Day: Apparently there’s some disagreement about the history of the bagel. But there should be no disagreement that you must enjoy a bagel today. Perhaps while you’re reading in the bathtub?

    National Toothache Day: No! Despite the name we’re not celebrating pain in our teeth! Instead we’re using the day to remind ourselves & our loved ones to prevent toothaches. Do it with regular dental care, both at home and from your dentist.


    February 10:

    Umbrella Day: Today the umbrella gets its due. It’s a truly useful invention, offering protection from both rain and sun! Just celebrate responsibly. 😉

    All the News that’s Fit to Print Day: The words “All the News That’s Fit to Print” first appeared on the New York Times masthead on Feb. 10, 1897. This anniversary might be a good day to think about how well the paper has (or hasn’t) lived up to that motto. (Publisher Adolph Ochs actually coined the phrase in 1896).

    Plimsoll Day: This day celebrates the birth of Samuel Plimsoll in 1824. Why? Because he championed sailors’ safety before many cared. And he created the Plimsoll Line, which marks the lowest point a ship may lie in the water after loading with cargo. (These days it’s actually several lines, depending on various conditions).


    February 11:

    Autism Sunday: Today we work to raise awareness and understanding of people with autism. They’re really not that different from you … at least not in ways that matter!

    White Shirt Day: This day honors the workers who staged a sit-down strike for the right to unionize. It happened at the GM plant in Flint, Michigan in 1936-1937. Feb. 11 marks the end of the 44-day strike.

    Don’t Cry Over Spilled Milk Day: Not literal milk, but all the little things that can (and do) go wrong now and then. Stuff happens. Learn from it, then let it go.


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